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Agency Services

It’s due to the agencies that will conduct the work of a firm on behalf of another establishment in return for a certain income so that the services are conducted in the most effective and fastest way. We as Fey Shipping do always maintain our contact with the main company that we conduct our businesses. Besides providing the services, we are also aiming to get new customers for the main company. Furthermore, to speed up the procedures, we are legally allowed to sign trade contracts for the company that we represent.

What do we offer?

We as Fey Shipping always put customer satisfaction to the first place when we provide our services. We provide agency services to different types of ships such as tanker, container, cruise and general cargo ships from all Turkish ports. At this point, if you want to get Turkey's port agency services all around, you can choose us.

We provide a wide-scale of services. They include evacuation and loading services, fuel operations service, procedures for staff replacement, health services related to the staff, service for captain advance, replacement for transit spare parts, draft/bunker survey as well as supplying fuel, water and food, delivering solid and liquid waste, protective agency service, providing required equipment for deck and machinery, consultancy services and container reservation transactions. We are comfortable to say that our company is here to provide its full support to speed up the process to provide abovementioned services. We count on our portfolio.

How do we offer our services?

We take care of all of the required documentation and procedures on behalf of the business that we represent. Moreover, we are legally qualified to sign trade contracts and aiming to fulfil the requests of our customers. Therefore, we do have a legally-binding contract which underlines the partnership conditions between the represented company.

As Fey Shipping, we are responsible for conducting all activities requested from us in the region where we operate. Within this scope, we have to act in accordance with the procedures of the firm we represent and fulfil the demands of the firm. Besides that, our main principle is to pay utmost attention to the interests of the firm that we provide our services. If required, we do file legal charges on behalf of the company.

Fey Shipping is here to provide you with high-quality agency services.