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Technical Services and Supply

Technical Services and Supply

As Fey Shipping, we work to fully provide technical services and other supply-related services. On this matter, our team works very effectively. Local repair and maintenance enterprises are approached first in the course of delivering this service. In this way, the service of ships is maintained in a secure, healthy, harmonious and successful way. Moreover, many ships are in need of repair and servicing. With the registration of a verbal declaration, repairs, service and parts awaiting repair are taken care of. When these procedures have been completed, assistance will be given to the ship during the reassembly of the subjected pieces.

What do we offer?

As Fey Shipping, thanks to the vast expertise we have acquired over the years, we conduct high-level operations, especially in ship maintenance and repair. We are a business that continually renews itself in step with the technology that is evolving and changing. With our professional team, we strive to provide our clients with the best support.

We provide services such as ship repairs, machinery and generator maintenance and repair operations, machinery and generator spare parts, factory machinery and auxiliary equipment repair, and cleaning of certain parts of the ship. We eliminate deficiencies on the ship through operations such as technical maintenance and repair of ships at sea or on land, repair of main and auxiliary engines, and production of spare parts.

How do we offer our services?

We are a business of excellence that works in engineering services and supply. The reliability of our services is always developed by us. The performance of businesses working in this field is directly impacted by improving the existing conditions of ports and supply points. In addition, Fey Shipping delivers facilities that can adapt to demands as easily as possible, have technological and high-quality characteristics, and still conform to the company's core values.

As Fey Shipping, though seeking to minimize the costs of technological resources and production, we make more use of technologies. Furthermore, we make fair investments in order to enhance the efficiency of the service company delivers. Besides that, the company's service is taken into line with overseas service. Fey Shipping develops reliable solutions to issues of overtime and operations.