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Ship Chartering and Broker Services

Ship Chartering and Broker Services

We have a very competent network of brokers and ship owners working worldwide since the day we began our activities as Fey Shipping. In a broker and ship-owner network with high numbers, it is easy to locate ships suitable for both freight and logistics needs. There are ship chartering services, in addition.

What do we offer?

It is possible to charter vessels of all types, from the coaster class to the Capesize class, suitable for all sorts of uses, thanks to the chartering service that our company provides. Seasonal or voyage-based rental of the ship is available. For your company, it is easier to negotiate against business pressures due to these leasing alternatives.

We have been working in this area for a long time as Fey Shipping. We will find loads appropriate for your ship in this way. Furthermore, it is also possible to find a ship that is ideal for freight and at a budget. We are very vigilant in our service's low cost. At this stage, by shipping loads belonging to more than one selling agent on the same ship, it is possible to minimize costs.

On behalf of the companies we represent when offering ship chartering services, we propose the most acceptable and ideal lease contract.

How do we offer our services?

We give our customers quality and reliable service in all fields of shipping, thanks to our service network of brokers and ship owners covering the entire globe. Expert and efficient chartering, word leasing, entire or partial ship leasing, spot and contract freight shipments, project loads are among the services we offer. Furthermore, we also have equipment such as ship operations, commercial and technical ventures, lay-time accounts.

We ensure that the required updates on the follow-up of the contract articles in ship leasing are made to the necessary locations. Messages are issued in the letters required; they are sent to the desired locations. Moreover, it is important to establish relationships with agents in the best possible way. As a business, we support our clients not only until the leasing process takes place, but during the whole process, in accordance with our values. In this phase, if any failures arise, the problem is promptly resolved.

Our business owes its reputation to achieving customer loyalty at all times. In regions where commercial knowledge is relevant, it would be the right option to get service from us.