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Storage / Warehousing Services

Storage / Warehousing Services

Entrepot is defined as a bonded warehouse, and for shipping firms, it is very important. As Fey Shipping, we offer facilities at regional and abroad ports with warehouses that we have contracted.

In addition to the fast delivery, our company provides secure storage service, as the best-fit company in the industry, we appeal to every product category and offer solutions that are appropriate for the operation, healthy and high-quality storage and ease of access. The highest degree of quality is obtained from the service delivered, thanks to our firm. Moreover, alternatives relevant to the specifications of the customers are offered.

What do we offer?

As Fey Shipping, our services in this sector includes domestic and international storage as well as bonded and duty-free warehousing, warehouse management system, order management, warehouse operations and delivery, and inventory control. At this point, you can contact our company if you want to get a more personalized service that fits your needs.

How do we offer our services?

Entrepo is classified as a type of warehouse near to customs buildings where items subject to but not yet paying customs duties are secured and, where possible, minor security procedures are applied at the same time. Warehouses are of special significance since they are the spot where the customs of commercial products are held. In order to create a warehouse, some requirements must be met. It is, therefore, possible to remain there permanently if the goods are placed in compliance with the customs regulations. It may be said that it is an important position due to the fact that during the time the goods were in the factory, no tax was charged.

With its efficiency and incentives, Fey Shipping should be the chosen place to receive warehouse service. There are various forms of the warehouse. Within itself, it is split into six different classes. Groups such as A, B, C, D, E, and F are segregated. As Fey Shipping; we determine the customer's needs and assure that they receive the requested service.

Private warehouses are locations where the operator and the customer are the same. Things put here have to be things that are listed in the list of items. Placement of multiple objects is hardly permitted. Furthermore, there are D style warehouses where the operator and the customer are the same individuals. Without submission to customs, the goods here can be processed.

To get the most acceptable warehouse service for you, you should apply to Fey Shipping.