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Catering Services

Catering Services

As Fey Shipping, we believe that our catering services are among the best ones in the industry. Thanks to our well-experienced purchasing department, we only buy the highest quality products. Moreover, we are always doing our best to meet customer expectations. We take care that the products we supply are both healthy and high quality.

We pay utmost attention to the hygiene rules at every level through the supply chain. We are particularly paying attention to the expiry dates of the products during delivery. Furthermore, we are making efforts to prepare vegetable and fruit deliveries in two hours before the supply time so that they will stay fresh. Thanks to our perspective of service providing, our company is quite prestigious in the catering sector where we have been operating for years. We have a highly-respected portfolio.

What do we offer?

As Fey Shipping, we offer the best catering service in wide-scope of products. In chilled and fresh product categories, we do offer seasonal vegetables and fruits. Moreover, we also provide services for dairy products, cheese and eggs to our customers. We deliver fresh seafood, local meat, poultry and fish to you without compromising on the quality. On the other hand, we also supply pastries and desserts.

In the frozen food category, there are frozen fruits and vegetables, ice creams, cakes and pastries as well as mutton and beef meat. Dry foods include sauces, spices and seasonings, as well as grains, flour, rice and pulses, milk and dairy products, dried fruits and nuts, canned meat, fish, vegetables and fruits, oils and fats. In the food confectionery and beverages category, there are fruit juices and all drinks. In addition, there are varieties of chocolate, biscuits, nuts and chips. You can contact us to get information about these products.

We are preparing our food pockets in line with your demands and provide all necessary conditions to supply your catering needs in the best possible way. You will never experience a problem since we are a trustworthy company and all of the products in the food pockets also comes from trustworthy brands.