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Port Services

Port Services

We provide both a fair price and fast speed at the same time, thanks to the port services that we provide. We are looking to provide best-fit ports and aiming to conduct our businesses in a manner that would benefit our customers. As Fey Shipping, thanks to our machinery and our equipment, we are able to provide our services 24 hours non-stop in the region where we operate.

What do we offer?

As Fey Shipping, we would like to inform you about some of the services that we provide. Regarding port services, our company offers container loading/unloading, fumigation, tarping, load fixing, surveillance and supervision, hazardous cargo handling and documentation, container cleaning, container repair and maintenance operations, flexitank, Liner bag, Inner Liner bag. You can contact us at any time to get more information about our services.

As Fey Shipping, we provide our services in every type of material handling operations conducted in the port area, especially in loading or unloading operations, heavy material and project transportation, lashing and unlashing operations. We are using the necessary equipment and staff to meet the quality standards of the service we provide. By doing that, we are providing the best quality service in fair price standards.

How do we provide our services?

Within the wide-scope of the port services we provide, we are operating in loading and unloading of all kinds of shipment, lashing and unlashing and other port services with our expert, well-experienced and dynamic team to all ships approaching the port terminals. Besides, we also conduct loading and unloading operations also known as material handling.

As Fey Shipping, we count on our years-long experiences in the industry. We are meeting our customer standards thanks to our perspective of world-class and solution-oriented service. Our work that is combined with technological integration shows our high-quality service standards. Besides, we are proud to provide our services with well-experienced staff.

We are always following the recent developments in the industry and happy to provide high-quality port services which are supported by technological infrastructure. You can check our equipment and machinery and have an idea about our services. You can always count on Fey Shipping for the port services you are looking for.